Screencast videos are a digital recording of a computer screens output, whether that be software or a website.

These can be used to explain processes and to teach how to use software.

A screencast video can include voice over narration, call out objects like pop ups to aid understanding as well as pan ‘n’ zoom effects to better portray the message being delivered.

What I require to get started:

  • A steps script detailing the steps required to be recorded
  • If requiring voiceover, a supplied script or voiceover file

Voiceover example

Standard Features:

  • A recording of your chosen application
  • Initial screencast recording and editing
  • Transitions, callouts, pan ‘n’ zoom where applicable
  • The video will be provided as Full HD (1920p×1080p) video file

Optional Extras:

  • Additional minutes
  • Royalty free background music
  • Optional closed captions (subtitles)
  • Voiceover recording and editing. (Alternatively, you can source & supply me an audio file (.mp3/.wav format) for me to use at no extra cost)

Video Editing

I specialise in video editing for online delivery, in a format that will play on all devices.

Video editing can include cuts, pan ‘n’ zoom effects, additional images, call outs, audio replacement/cleanup, lower thirds, titles, fades and more.

Videos can be produced in various formats at Full HD 1080p.

If required, I can also publish these to Vimeo, YouTube etc. These can then be embedded directly into your website, taking the strain off your web server.

video editing screen

Video Subtitling

Video subtitling involves creating a text document of all the dialogue in a video and then producing a SubRip transcription file (.SRT).

This file can then be uploaded to YouTube/Facebook/Vimeo etc along with your video to allow the viewer to switch on/off subtitles (closed captions) on your videos on these platforms.

Alternatively, I can supply a Full HD (1920px1080p) .MP4 video with the subtitles burnt in.

video transcription

Example of subtitles applied

Audio Editing

I offer audio editing for your projects which can be supplied in many formats including .MP3 and .WAV.

Do you need some audio cleaned up or cut into segments for your project?

Audio clean up can include removing gasps, umms, errs, and background hiss.

Listen with a headset to the clips below to hear the difference.

Before clean up

After clean up

Audio editing