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Live online training is the most efficient way to reach your employees, reducing the need for travel and person to person contact. You can take part from an office or home location using any Internet enabled device.

Lee has over 10 years experience in using the Adobe Connect online training platform and has both been a Facilitator and behind the scenes Producer (Meeting Host) for various companies delivering live online training around the globe. Lee is also a Certified Online Learning Facilitator (COLF) validated through the Learning and Performance Institute (LPI) in the UK.

“Lee has been really terrific to work with. He prepared some online training for us using the gomo learning authoring tool. He was very adept in his knowledge of gomo and how to use it in the best possible way for our project. In addition, he provided some Skype training sessions, so that we could learn how to effectively use the tool, in our small but growing business. Lee quickly brought us up to speed, and his style for Skype training session was perfect for us – he explained technical terms in layman’s terms, which was just what we required and we’re now almost self-sufficient in creating content on gomo ourselves. I would highly recommend Lee and his knowledge of gomo.”
Carmel Keane, Head of Projects, Expat Academy Limited, UK


Adobe Connect is the most flexible, secure, extensible and feature-rich web conferencing product on the market.

We are offering Live online 1-to-1 sessions for Adobe Connect Producers so you have the confidence to run the ‘behind the scenes’ functionality yourself. This is a live, online 5 hour private 1-to-1 session covering all aspects of being an Adobe Connect Producer who takes the role of ‘meeting host’ in connect sessions.

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We’ll also soon be launching an Adobe Connect Producer online course. This will be a video based course covering all aspects of being an Adobe Producer.


Articulate Rise 360 is a browser based authoring tool which allows the development of responsive, HTML5 courses which display elegantly on every device. Rise automatically adapts courses. It’s responsive authoring the way it should be. It is also packed with interactive features to engage learners including video, audio, drag and drop interactions, knowledge check questions, flip cards. accordions and many more.

We’ll soon be running live online courses on building mobile responsive modules using the Rise 360 tool as well as a video based online course.

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