Visuals are important

Digital learning must not only be instructionally sound in its design, but it should also appeal visually to learners.

Visual graphics are an important element of an online module to not only enhance the experience but to explain concepts visually.

I can help with sourcing and image optimisation for optimal online delivery as well as editing to produce the visuals required.

Image cut-outs

Images can be cut-out from within an image for use in projects. This useful where you might not require the whole original image, only a portion of it. Once cut-out the image can be placed on their own white or transparent background.

Image Optimisation

It’s important to ensure you have images optimised to be as small a file size as possible for online delivery. It is not good practice to simply upload a 4MB photo for online delivery. Images should be optimised to reduce their file size without losing too much quality. This is especially important for efficient delivery to mobile devices over mobile phone networks etc. The same rules apply to e-learning development as they do to modern web design.

File type conversion

I can convert images into different file formats for you. The popular formats for online delivery are JPEG and PNG.

Image re-sizing

Images can be resized to given dimensions. It is important to do this without losing the aspect ratio, else the image will become distorted.