Create free SCORM compliant HTML5 interactions

If you’ve ever struggled to build e-learning interactions, this free online tool allows you to do just that in a few simple clicks! is an online e-learning tool for creating customizable, engaging, HTML5 e-learning interactions.

The site has a range of interactions to choose from, all of which can be cloned and adapted as required.

Simply sign up for a free account at Once you have created your interaction, you can simply copy the embed code and paste it into your e-learning project or HTML page/website.  In fact they can be integrated into any web based content. If the interaction is being run in a SCORM or xAPI / TinCan compliant LMS then results will automatically be reported to the LMS.

Interactions include memory games, carousels, hotspots, drag and drop and more.

The interaction can also be used as a stand-alone module, by downloading the SCORM or xAPI / TinCan package to import into your compliant LMS.

Here is an example of a simply click and reveal interaction:

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