Camtasia Timeline Hotkey Tips

If you have ever struggled to accurately edit video footage in Camtasia, you’ll know how important it is to be able to move the Timeline one frame at a time.

Thankfully the people at Techsmith who created Camtasia, have already thought of that, and there are a couple great hot keys you can use to help with working on the Timeline.

Camtasia 9 – Hot key tips for timeline editing:

1 – Press the left (<,) key and right (>.) Keys to move the playhead one frame at a time.

2 – Hold down the left(<,) and right(>.) keys to continuously move the playhead.

3 – Hold down Shift and you can use the left and right keys to move the green and red selection markers to make a selection.

4 – Press Ctrl and Home keys to return the playhead to the start of the Timeline.

5 – Press Ctrl and End keys to move the playhead to the end of the Timeline.

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